How I Created 3 Revenue Streams in 7 Months. And You Too Should

Aniket Parihar
5 min readNov 6, 2022

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It was 2008. My senior who was in the last year of her engineering had just secured an associate software engineer role at Tech Mahindra, one of the famous companies back then for freshers in India. She was offered a decent package and so were thousands of other students that year from Tech Mahindra. But an email was circulated a few months later that the joining of these students was postponed to 8 months. This came as a shocker since everyone was prepared to get into corporate life and finally earn some moolah. Turned out that this was just a trailer.

The recession had kicked in and the company decided to revoke the contracts of 80% of those newbies. The rest 20% joined the company 18 months later.

This was the first time I saw the implications of a recession. I didn’t know much back then about this term, but upon research, I realized that it's a scary economic situation.

The recent series of layoffs, drying up of investments, and hiring freezes show that the recession is on its way. My LinkedIn feed is filled with recession topics. The searches related to this term have also increased in the past few months.

Meaning, we need to focus only on one thing for the next year — “Money”.

I, fortunately, haven’t been a part of these layoffs but this year I consciously decided to quit Zalando, my employer, and work on one goal — “Create three income sources/revenue streams”.

I took a printout of this text and hung it near the mirror in the washroom so that every morning I could have a look. But more than taking a printout and putting it in the washroom I worked on various techniques and strategies to build 3 income sources. These are still small and I am earning around 70% of…

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